With over 10 years of experience in the construction industry as a cost estimator for General Contractors, as well as a Cost Manager for numerous Developers, I have a deep understanding of how budgets are established during pre-construction and how they evolve during the construction stage. Throughout my career I have developed a strong attention to detail and the ability to organize and analyse the data efficiently. I have worked on many major residential, commercial, office and multi-use projects in Florida, California, and Overseas, with projects budgets ranging from $20M to $800M.

With over 8 years of Cost and Commercial Management experience working across multiple sectors including residential, hospitality and retail. I have been involved in construction projects both from the ground up and tenant improvement, spanning pre-acquisition stage through to post- completion. Having worked in a consultancy as well as being seconded to a client and working direct for a client developer most recently, I have developed a rounded appreciation of each of these environments and the importance of adaptability, delivering value and providing a high quality service throughout. I am committed to consistently achieve positive results for clients at a construction project and portfolio level and build strong relationships across teams.

Experienced in supporting a variety of clients and cross-functional teams showcasing the value of data analytics within construction. Throughout my career I have provided services such as benchmarking, program-level data analytics and reporting, and forecasting. I see value in combining construction project management best practices with innovative data analytics and technology to improve the basic understanding of complex metrics. No matter the type or scale of the engagement, my passion lies in providing cost and time savings, as well as risk mitigation through the use of data analytics, standardization, and optimization.

My passion lies in helping clients solve complex problems and simplifying large-scale data metrics. My background in BIM/Project Management has given me the understanding as to why and how delays occur in the field, and most importantly, how to mitigate them. I am well versed in the multiple aspects of construction, and nimble enough to take on challenges that would cater to the clients’ needs and goals. With construction estimating being at the forefront of my career, I am excited to apply my strengths and educational background in serving and learning from others.